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Friday, August 22, 2008

Latex work again.... Everythin back to normal @.@

Now, i become more confused...
One hour ago, my latex from http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/ couldn't work.. The picture didn't show up.. Everything messed up..

Then, the ad sense didn't show up too.. even the Public service ads..!!

My chat box also can't be used.. There was words: "The service in your domain was discontinued.." That crazed me..!! I have to sign in again, then get the new code for my chat box... Oh My goddd..

But, after I restarted my computer and saw my blog just now, everything back to normal.. Is it strange.??? So, who was guilty for this.?? Internet or the forkosh site or google or blogger or my computer.???

But, now i'm somewhat happy because I don't need to rebuilt my blog.. If it was, it would make me more crazy.. =.=" (hey, what was wrong with me.?? Am I using English.?!?)

1 comment:

  1. yap, pake inggris, hahaa...

    Mungkin kayaknya salah di komputer kamu, soalnya biasanya komputer ada nyimpan cookie gituan, nah, mungkin tersave yang lama, mau refresh juga yg baru gak keluar2 (sama kayak kejadian comment di fS) :D

    Selamat ya, udah ku klik adn ya ^^