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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to Insert Latex in Blogger

Well.. Do you know what latex is..?? As I know, Latex is a tool to make mathematical function (But, actually, latex is much more powerful than that).. In wordpress, you don't have to worry about type it, because there has the latex installed... But, in blogger is not.. So, we have to find the other way to write mathematics in Blogger..

I have searched in google to find the way.. I found 2 ways which are the most simple to get. But, I recommend the latter..

First Method: Using Mozilla and userscript "Latex For Blogger"
1. First, you have to install Mozilla Firefox version 1.5 above... (go to google to search)
2. Then, go to: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/79662. You will find a link to install "Greasemonkey" (see the pics above).. Click it..3. Then, click "Add To Firefox" Button, click "Install Now", then "Restart Firefox"4. Ensure that Greasemonkey has been enabled. (right bottom corner on the browser. Right click on the monkey)5. go to: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/7966 again.. Then, click "Install This Script"6. You're done.. Then, when you want to create your posting in blogger at compose tab, you will see "Latex" Button..
7. So how to write your first equation? (It looks better if the background color is white)
  • first you have to know the LaTeX syntax
  • then write directly on Blogger your equation between $$ and $$, for example:
    $$\pi = \int_{0}^{1} \frac{4}{1+x^{2}}$$
  • Then click on the LaTeX button:
  • Normally, after a few seconds, your beautiful equation should appears
Thanks to: WolverineX02

Second Method: Using MathTex Helper (by Steve)
1. Go To: http://sixthform.info/steve/wordpress/?p=65
2. Scroll down until you find download math Tex helper.
3. Click on the link and download the winzip file by saving it.
4. Open the Zip file (mathtex_images.zip) and extract the file inside (only one) onto the desktop.
5. Double click on the extracted file and you are done.
6. If you want to write the equation... As example, type 2^3 in the left box, then click "Get Image" button.. Then, copy the code in the right box and paste to your blog...

I prefer using the second method.. Reason: When I used the first method, it worked, but after I reinstalled the script, now the latex button was missing.. >.<

Enjoy :)


  1. saya udah coba duanya, tpi ga bisa.
    bisa dijelason lagi ga caranya?

  2. Iya. Dua duanya memang tidak bisa lagi sekarang.

    Sebetulnya ada cara lain yang jauh lebih mudah, dan sudah dipakai oleh banyak blogger. Namun, yang saya pakai seakrang adalah membuat gambarnya satu per satu, kemudian dimasukkan satu persatu di blogger.. Sungguh merepotkan. ==..==